Surrogate Compensation

Our surrogates receive one of the highest compensation packages in the industry. Prior to the pregnancy confirmation, you will receive a monthly expense allowance, reimbursement for childcare and mileage, as well as compensation for the embryo transfer and an injectable medication fee. Your pregnancy compensation will begin on the first weekday of each month following confirmation of fetal heartbeat. Your base compensation is broken up into 10 monthly payments. After you deliver the baby the remaining balance will come in one final payment. Our goal is to ensure that your surrogacy process is free of any financial issues.

First time surrogates with Happy Future Surrogacy receive a complete benefit packages beginning at $40,000 for singleton and $50,000 for twin births. Experienced surrogate can make up to $60,000. For more information about our compensation packages please fill out our online application or call the office at 562-695-7272

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