Surrogate Mothers FAQ

Do I qualify to be a surrogate mother?

We’ll review your application within 1 business day and let you know if we can move forward or not. If we are able to move forward, we’ll schedule a phone interview after you profile is completed and send you all the paperwork that need to be signed.

What kind of medications will I be required to take?

You will take medications both orally and through small injections under the skin. In some instances, you may be required to administer intramuscular injections. Each physician’s office has a different medication protocol. The particular physician’s office that you will be working with will explain in detail your medications.

Is the embryo transfer procedure painful?

It is painless and lasts only a few minutes.

How will I get paid?

Once a pregnancy is confirmed you will start receiving monthly installments until delivery takes places. The balance, if any, will be due to you upon delivery.

Do parents ever refuse to take their baby? What would happen?

It’s never happened with any of our families. We have a legal contract in place, But let’s just say it did happen, we would work with an attorney to find the baby a loving adoptive family.

Once I am pregnant, where will I receive medical care and deliver the baby?

You will deliver the baby in your home state at the hospital of your choice (with reasonable input from the Intended Parents), which is covered by your medical insurance.

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