Surrogate Requirements/Qualification

  • Must have given birth to and raising at least one child of their own
  • Between the ages of 20-40
  • BMI cannot be higher than 30
  • Must be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Must be a NON-smoker and live in a non-smoking household
  • Must NOT take any illegal substances, or medications that have not been prescribed for her by a physician
  • Surrogate, as well as her spouse, partner or significant other must not have any criminal background (willing to go through background check and psychological screening)
  • Willing to provide us with previous delivery records and be medically screened for sexually transmitted disease
  • Must NOT be receiving government financial assistance, welfare, cash aides or housing assistance
  • Have reliable transportation for appointments,
  • Surrogate must NOT have had any major complications during previous pregnancies or deliveries. No history of pre-term deliveries before 36 weeks (unless multiple birth)
  • Surrogate must live in the state of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Utah, Nevada or Texas

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